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A.N. Other


Dabei seit: 17.01.2005

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PERGAL is a project formed by colleagues, members of such bands like OBTEST, ARGHARUS, ŽALVARINIS, ANDAJA. Musical themes can be related from harsh black metal to even swinging jazz, pop, tango, cabaret, etc. The main engine that keeps PERGAL going is infinite love! Love for various things like women, men, children, alcohol, drugs, god – all in all for all living and dead things. The band members are united by this feeling, thus make this sophisticated but harsh, melancholic but also very dynamic music. PERGAL describe their music as victorious psycho black rock. Maybe it is not very clearly said this is why it would be best to face PERGAL‘s music personally. So join us, mediocrities and the poor, geniuses and snobs, innocent and perverted souls, in our mission in spreading the word about pure and untamed black circus of perversions!


1.Aš Tave Subadysiu (I Will Stab You)
2.The Addiction Song
3.Sado Mazo Vokietija (Sado Mazo Germany)
4.Viešnamio Harmonija (The Whorehouse Harmony)
5.Viskis (Whiskey)
6.Horizontalios Maldos Palaima (The Felicity of Horizontal Praying)
7.Sado Mazo Vokietija (McKaras Remix)



Wow, ich bin begeistert.
Selten etwas gehört, was Stile derart absurd vermischt, aber dennoch schlüssig klingt.
Vor allem weil die Black Metal Parts an sich doch recht ordentlich sind grosses Grinsen

Die Stil-Beschreibung auf dem Flyer ist übrigens Victorious Psycho Black Metal with tasty eclectic mixture of strange sounds from jazz, pop, tango, cabaret etc.



A great prosperity came, as life conquered even the highest mountains
Mass extinctions came wave after wave
but empty niches always quickly refilled
to once again prosper, grow, and reproduce
Someday the next great emigration will occur
as we leave this existence looking for another
The journey will begin anew
I hold within me all the memories that have passed
Who am I...

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Forum Schwarzes Baden-Württemberg » Klangwelt » Metal / Gothic-Metal / Metalcore / Hardcore / Punkrock » Pergale - Horizontalios Maldos Palaima


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