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Geschrieben von sven423 am 29.08.2010 um 23:43:


*Thread wiederbeleb*

Fuck Sony Entertainment... *summ*

Elendiger Ohrwurm... ;-)

Geschrieben von A.N. Other am 04.03.2011 um 10:11:


Französischer Black Metal:

Von Diablo Swing Orchestra gibt's deren erstes Album gratis zum Download, gleich mal den Thread wiederbeleben grosses Grinsen

Geschrieben von Pagan am 04.03.2011 um 10:17:


Planks als Download ...

ALL OUR STUFF TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE! we decided to put all our stuff in one blog for you to download. so this is it, every piece of music we recorded so far. there will be a lot of stuff coming next year (2010). so stay tuned. now feel free to download the music and tell us what you think. ahoi. planks ______________________________________________________________________

1) Demo 2007

2) "St" 12'' (Narshardaa Records 2008

3) "Split w/TOMBS" (BlackBox/Pruegelprinz 2008/2009)

4) "Narshardaa Single Club 7'' " (Narshardaa 2009)

almost all the stuff can still be purchased via us or and

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